SalesOutlook 64 – Outlook CRM

4/15/2019 SalesOutlook, Inc has officially announced their 64 bit award winning Outlook CRM client for Office for the PC.  The 64 bit client is available by contacting SalesOutlook. Users can now enjoy the benefits of using Office 365 in 64 bit mode.  Microsoft has recently announced that the default client install of Office 365 is 64 bit as of Q1 2019. Previously the default of Office 365 was 32 bit Office. SalesOutlook is introducing new... Continue Reading →

Microsoft Releases New Icons for Outlook

Some of you may have noticed that Microsoft released a new set of icons for Office 365. Since SalesOutlook CRM uses the icons then our Outlook CRM icons have changed as we utilize the same icons in our Outlook CRM software. This is only cosmetic and after a while it grows on you. Here is the old icons view And here is the new icons view. Microsoft also updated the minimized toolbar to show more... Continue Reading →

Outlook CRM and the Small Business Landscape

CRM started out to address the business processes of the Sales Cycle for large organizations. The Sales Cycle was not always defined and if you were to get 10 people in the office to sit down you would get 10 different Sales Cycles. CRM was to address this and help with the training of new sales reps and to gather information from the best sales people to create a sales methodology or to adopt a... Continue Reading →

10 Signs You Need a CRM System

10 Signs You Need a CRM System – SalesOutlook is the best CRM for Office 365 The exact moment an organization needs CRM is hard to nail down, but far too many realize they need CRM only after they lose an employee or a customer.  Instead of waiting for a missed sale as an indicator, look for these10 signs to know whether it’s time for you to invest in an Office 365 CRM.   Leads... Continue Reading →

Customer relationship management (CRM) solutions help small and midsize businesses

Customer relationship management (CRM) solutions help small and midsize businesses manage the myriad of ways it interacts with customers, from marketing to new and potential customers, to improving customer support.  Current MS Outlook CRM solutions have incorporated new social and collaborative technologies that make it easier to connect with customers. It’s also available through both cloud-based services and on-demand to make CRM more affordable and effective for smaller businesses. Companies of all sizes rely on... Continue Reading →

CRM “is” an Outlook Integration Project

How can you increase revenues and operating margin with Outlook CRM in your marketplace when competition is intensifying, sales and marketing costs are increasing, and customer retention across most industries is declining?  Many of our clients are convinced that there is a “magic bullet” Customer Relationship Management (CRM) application out there.  But which CRM Software for Outlook is the magic bullet? The problem is, we worry so much about what to implement and we don’t... Continue Reading →

Email Marketing Best Practices with Outlook CRM and Constant Contact

Before the economy took a hard downturn back in 2008, the 70-plus e-mail-marketing vendors in circulation at that time were pushing new technological designs, such as streaming audio and video, with the intention of getting more e-mails read, as well as getting more people to act on the e-mails they received. But after months of companies watching what they spend, that trend is changing. When marketing budgets tightened, many marketers cut spending on their e-mail-marketing... Continue Reading →

Managing Your Territory as a Business

The Outlook CRM System intended to provide salespeople with the key concepts and tools to be able to make thoughtful decisions about how to allocate their activities, time and resources in accounts that will bring them the greatest return. It is based on the premise that a salesperson’s territory is similar to a business. CRM Outlook Accounts represent customers that have to be identified, engaged, and acquired in order for the business to thrive.  On... Continue Reading →

CRM User Adoption: 10 Critical Success Factors

A comprehensive Outlook Based CRM system can deliver enormous benefits, from increasing customer satisfaction and generating sales leads to boosting profits and slashing operating costs. A CRM Insider Outlook system works by gathering information from multiple data sources and storing it in a centralized location. Once these sales leads and customer data sets are integrated, this information is then analyzed to enable personalized marketing campaigns, superior customer service and improved decision support. Yet the success... Continue Reading →

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