CRM User Adoption: 10 Critical Success Factors

A comprehensive Outlook Based CRM system can deliver enormous benefits, from increasing customer satisfaction and generating sales leads to boosting profits and slashing operating costs. A CRM Insider Outlook system works by gathering information from multiple data sources and storing it in a centralized location. Once these sales leads and customer data sets are integrated, this information is then analyzed to enable personalized marketing campaigns, superior customer service and improved decision support. Yet the success... Continue Reading →

Email Marketing Trends and your Outlook CRM.

Before the most recent economic downturn several years ago, the 70-plus e-mail-marketing vendors in circulation at the time were pushing new technological designs, such as streaming audio and video, with the intention of getting more e-mails read, as well as getting more people to act on the e-mails they received. Now, after a year later of significant economic growth, many industry analysts and e-mail-marketing experts are seeing an upward trend of American Businesses investing in... Continue Reading →

What makes a Successful Outlook CRM Strategy?

A successful CRM strategy requires the ability to transcend the technological interface to improve your relationships with your customers.   With this MS Office 365 CRM System you will be able to unlock the full “customer potential” of next-generation Microsoft CRM technologies. A series of structured and customizable modules creates a roadmap for implementing successful CRM Business Strategies.  Industry specific solutions can be built with our customization toolkits.  Thousands of client organizations have been able to... Continue Reading →

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