Email Marketing Best Practices with Outlook CRM and Constant Contact

Before the economy took a hard downturn back in 2008, the 70-plus e-mail-marketing vendors in circulation at that time were pushing new technological designs, such as streaming audio and video, with the intention of getting more e-mails read, as well as getting more people to act on the e-mails they received. But after months of companies watching what they spend, that trend is changing. When marketing budgets tightened, many marketers cut spending on their e-mail-marketing... Continue Reading →

Managing Your Territory as a Business

The Outlook CRM System intended to provide salespeople with the key concepts and tools to be able to make thoughtful decisions about how to allocate their activities, time and resources in accounts that will bring them the greatest return. It is based on the premise that a salesperson’s territory is similar to a business. CRM Outlook Accounts represent customers that have to be identified, engaged, and acquired in order for the business to thrive.  On... Continue Reading →

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