CRM “is” an Outlook Integration Project

How can you increase revenues and operating margin with Outlook CRM in your marketplace when competition is intensifying, sales and marketing costs are increasing, and customer retention across most industries is declining?  Many of our clients are convinced that there is a “magic bullet” Customer Relationship Management (CRM) application out there.  But which CRM Software for Outlook is the magic bullet?

The problem is, we worry so much about what to implement and we don’t worry enough about how to implement.   Front-office solutions implementations are CRM Outlook Integration Projects.  And success is not a sure thing.  As many industry analysts have noted, as many as 50 percent to 70 percent of the organizations that undertake a Microsoft Outlook CRM software effort do not achieve the dramatic results they intended.

Winning and keeping customers requires sustainable competitive advantage with the implementation of a CRM that integrates with Outlook in the front office.

In today’s era of value-based competition, sustainable competitive advantage is only achieved through combined Outlook CRM technology and workforce solutions.  Why combined?  Because competitors can copy your technology, and they can hire away your workforce.  But it is very difficult for competitors to replicate your combined technology and workforce solution and make it work with your Outlook based CRM Software.

The challenge is to carefully customize your Low Cost CRM Software “weapon” of combined technology and people solutions.  Here is why Outlook as a CRM is a challenge.

Most business strategies are only partially developed.  Usually, the financial strategy is clear – The management team has marching orders to increase shareholder or stakeholder value.  The management team determines: To increase Outlook CRM Free ROI by a certain percent, front office must increase revenue by a certain percent and back office must reduce costs by a certain percent.  To increase revenue by a certain percent we will increase MS Outlook CRM Market share in a specific segment by a certain percent.  Unfortunately, although the financial strategy for a CRM Integrated with Outlook is clear, there is typically a huge CRM in Outlook disconnect with what happens next.  Company initiatives, budgets, and Outlook CRM Software capabilities are not linked to strategy.

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