Customer relationship management (CRM) solutions help small and midsize businesses

Customer relationship management (CRM) solutions help small and midsize businesses manage the myriad of ways it interacts with customers, from marketing to new and potential customers, to improving customer support.  Current MS Outlook CRM solutions have incorporated new social and collaborative technologies that make it easier to connect with customers. It’s also available through both cloud-based services and on-demand to make CRM more affordable and effective for smaller businesses. Companies of all sizes rely on CRM in Outlook to capture new customers and retain current ones, which is reason enough to invest in the technology.

Use this checklist of additional reasons to sell management on a new CRM system

  1. Improving sales lead conversion

The optimal use of Outlook CRM software frees up productivity time so that employees can perform other work activities. In the case of profitability, that means having more salespeople devoted to making sales. Not only do CRM integrated with Outlook systems take some of the workload off employees, but they can also automatically make decisions for specific, routine tasks, effectively creating new collaborations with prospective customers that could result in a lead conversion. Salespeople can then add the “human” element to close the sale, seal the deal, and start the customer experience.

  1. Ensures customer satisfaction using social CRM applications

Social customer relationship management (CRM Outlook) deviates from traditional CRM by focusing on social media, rather than structured data, to boost sales and improve customer satisfaction. Social CRM with Outlook Integration is people-driven: it generates a dialogue between a business and its community and encourages customers to create a personalized relationship with an organization.

For example, where social networking allows businesses to use formal, predefined responses

(e.g., thank-you notes, holiday greetings, birthday cards), social CRM Outlook Integration Tools allow businesses to send messages routinely to customers and prospective customers, which forms an interactive and coexisting bond that is both appealing and engaging. Therefore, social CRM makes the customer feel appreciated, and that goes a long way in promoting consumer trust. It’s human interaction—driven by Outlook CRM Add-in that integrates with outlook technology. The business remains transparent while coming across as humane.

  1. Easily access key marketing metrics with Microsoft Outlook CRM

Targeted and focused measurements, called metrics, are all the rage for simplicity. Marketing is one area for which it has traditionally been difficult to calculate meaningful metrics. Fortunately, alot of, if not most, metrics for marketing are derived directly and exclusively from Microsoft CRM for Outlook data.  A few that are made easier by calculating them within the Outlook based CRM system include campaign response rate, campaign influence rate, lead to customer conversion rate, and general metrics over time.

  1. Mobile CRM = Real-time communications with customers

We live in a mobile society. More than 92 percent of adults in the United States now own mobile phones, which are used for nearly everything. More than ever, consumers are empowered by the instant availability of all types of information, and they expect the same from their vendors.

The current theory is that to be successful, companies need to mimic the way their customers communicate. That communication extends beyond traditional means, like push advertising.

Today, winning is about real-time communication—not only with customers but also with sales people and service technicians in a position to increase sales and effectiveness. With mobile Office 365 CRM applications, businesses are able to increase productivity, gain better control of customer relationships, reduce costs, and meet customer expectations. Constant Contact CRM.

  1. Integrate Outlook CRM Software with Other Business Operations

An Outlook CRM Plug-in system is more than a single departmental solution. Wherever interaction with customers exists, CRM can automate the business processes involved across the organization. Extend CRM to sales operations to promote and track lead generation. Extend CRM to customer service operations to build a customer, supplier, and distributor base. In fact, CRM Microsoft Outlook solutions can and should integrate with business processes across the enterprise for cost-effective increases in productivity, revenues, and profits.

  1. CRM helps with data mining

Microsoft Outlook CRM software is a powerful tool for understanding and documenting sales relationships with customers. By themselves, these software packages provide a wealth of data about a business and the business’ customers that should be mined to provide insight for decision makers. Without data mining, the full value of the data is not extracted.  QuickBooks CRM.


Data mining allows users to find hidden trends and features of data using robust mathematical techniques. These trends and features can then be used to find past problems with customer relationships, predict future trends, or provide a broad overview of sales trends. They can also be used to add value to upcoming transactions by helping the business’ sales force better

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