Before the most recent economic downturn several years ago, the 70-plus e-mail-marketing vendors in circulation at the time were pushing new technological designs, such as streaming audio and video, with the intention of getting more e-mails read, as well as getting more people to act on the e-mails they received.

Now, after a year later of significant economic growth, many industry analysts and e-mail-marketing experts are seeing an upward trend of American Businesses investing in technologies that will integrate their CRM Systems with e-Mail Marketing Systems such as Constant Contact CRM.   These businesses are focusing on the strategy of sending personalized offers and promotions, rather than just blasting out generic emails by using Outlook as a CRM.

Industry analysts agree that e-mail marketing is an increasingly important component to a Microsoft Outlook CRM Software.  But to truly succeed, business leaders must monitor campaigns, track responses, target and test. That’s exactly what SalesOutlook is providing to a rapidly growing client base.   In fact, Microsoft Outlook CRM Integration with Constant Contact provides a more complete solution to Sales and Marketing Executives.

CRM Outlook – Tough times are now getting better

As the economy recovered last year, companies continued to use basic e-mail-marketing practices and accelerated the deployment of Outlook CRM Software.  Marketers used old standard tracking capabilities along with the ability to look at campaign results in real time.  They also improved their customer segmentation practices which include aggressive modeling, scoring and analysis that tailor the content and created dynamic personalization.  We no longer see a one-size-fits-all approach to e-mail marketing, Companies are now doing the analysis they need and they’re using the segmentation tools that they need.

New trends on the horizon for CRM the integrates with Outlook

On the other hand, companies are now focusing their investment dollars on improving the effectiveness of their lead generation programs to help the field sales team.  That’s what we’ll see in the next 12 months. Many people feel that there are too many e-mails in people’s inboxes right now because of the rapid growth of CRM integrated with Outlook. Unless they’re persuaded and the e-mail has high relevancy, it’s treated as junk mail. The days of ‘you’ve got mail’ are over and now it’s just annoying.  Streaming audio and video will be important enhancements to broadcast emails since most businesses already use Outlook CRM Software.

Stepping up to the plate with Free CRM Software Outlook

Large stand-alone vendors, such as SalesForce, Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Microsoft Office 365 CRM are currently leading the CRM integration with e-mail marketing space.

Many e-mail vendors realize they have to build a pipeline to connect to the analytics and data warehouses and are stepping up to the plate to try to develop and deliver such features. Many e-mail companies including Constant Contact are working to complete with Microsoft Dynamics CRM in the area of predictive analytics features that improve the collection and reporting of data, generate recommendations and execute targeted e-mails. CRM integrated with Outlook is rapidly growing compared to large system suites.  Deploying e-mail-marketing point solutions to handle their e-mail needs, because of the cost savings.  Expect to see more innovation this year in the following key areas:

  • CRM that integrates with Outlook
  • Low Cost CRM Software
  • Outlook based CRM Software
  • MS Office 365 CRM

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