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4/15/2019 SalesOutlook, Inc has officially announced their 64 bit award winning Outlook CRM client for Office for the PC.  The 64 bit client is available by contacting SalesOutlook.

Users can now enjoy the benefits of using Office 365 in 64 bit mode.  Microsoft has recently announced that the default client install of Office 365 is 64 bit as of Q1 2019. Previously the default of Office 365 was 32 bit Office.

SalesOutlook is introducing new Excel reports and an updated Dashboard. The dashboard now includes Tasks and Appointments as well as Opportunities, Leads, Contacts and Accounts.

Excel Reports allow the user to use their existing Excel spreadsheets or create new shareable spreadsheets with Pivot Tables and Charts. A new Excel Dashboard button will launch a default company wide spreadsheet that all users can use.

Other features include new ribbon menus instead of using the addins tab. This allow users to add the required option to the home tab if needed.

The 64 bit client is built upon the latest 4.x platform and is compatible with the latest operating systems and updates.

SalesOutlook has been pleased and wants to thank all the beta participants who made sure the 64 bit client is fluid and error free.


SalesOutlook, Inc Marketing Department
Atlanta, Ga
(770)  642-4923

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