What makes a Great Salesman?

…it’s not just closing more business; it’s all about relationships. The best sales teams create and maintain relationships with prospects, as well as existing customers. To keep those relationships strong and profitable, most critical to your success are TIME and SYSTEMS. TIME is limited, so you need to ensure that emails, meetings, follow-up calls, and proposals are efficiently scheduled and consistently executed by all sales team members. SYSTEMS that add value are behind every great sales team. You and your team need strong Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software that is user-friendly. Switching back and forth between systems like Outlook and a separate CRM is time wasted, and sales lost. SalesOutlook combines both systems into one to help you, and your team, grow revenue.
Four Reasons SalesOutlook will help your team close more sales:
1. FUNCTION – SalesOutlook helps you succeed because it adds the functionality of a Customer Relationship Management System (CRM) to the user-friendly features of Microsoft Outlook.
2. FAMILIARITY – SalesOutlook is a fully customizable CRM, developed to be embedded into the familiar features and folder structure of Microsoft Outlook you already use all day long.
3. AFFORDABILITY – for just $1/day* per user, each salesperson can streamline customer contacts and track metrics to increase the success of your targeted sales initiatives.
4. EFFICIENCY – SalesOutlook eliminates switching back and forth between applications, reducing data duplication and inevitable errors, making your salespeople more efficient. Since Outlook is the first program you open in the morning and the last program you close at the end of your day, SalesOutlook makes the best use of your time.

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